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Save Ruskin's View - Charity Appeal

Ruskin's View Appeal - help raise funds to repair the viewpoint

Ruskin's View is one of Kirkby Lonsdale's most cherished attractions, with thousands of visitors taking in the famous view each year. The viewpoint, which so enamoured art critic John Ruskin in the 19th century, and inspired artist JMW Turner to paint it, is now under threat because the Brow, from where you look, is subsiding down towards the river Lune. Indeed the landslip is so bad that the footpath has been temporarily closed as it poses a serious health and safety risk. Without urgent remedial work to strengthen and stabilise the area, the Brow will no longer be accessible and the famous view that Ruskin and Turner enjoyed 200 years ago will be lost forever.

As Ruskin's View is an essential part of Kirkby Lonsdale, residents and businesses are keen to undertake the repairs, however the cost is substantial, and being only a small town of some 2,000 people, finding these funds is a large undertaking. Therefore Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council, who own the Brow, have launched the "Save Ruskin's View" appeal to raise the £1m needed to undertake the works. They are being helped by residents of Kirkby Lonsdale who have accepted an increase to their Council tax bills in order to raise the first £100,000. In addition, a charitable trust is being formed to head the Appeal and fundraising and donations have already started pouring in. It's also expected that a bid for Heritage Lottery funding will be launched.

How Can I Help?

The Kirkby Lonsdale Chamber of Trade are delighted to have already started fundraising for Save Ruskin's View. We've produced 100% cotton shopping bags with exclusive "Ruskin's View Appeal" artwork to help raise awareness and funds for the Save Ruskin's View appeal. Each bag costs just £5 and Chamber of Trade Members are selling them locally with all profits are going directly to the Ruskin's View Appeal.

Where can I buy a cotton shopping bag?

You can buy bags from several local retailers including Chocolat in Kirkby Lonsdale, The Book Lounge, the Kirkby Lonsdale Information and Gift Shop and from the Charter Market each Thursday.