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Benefits of Membership

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Kirkby Lonsdale is a thriving business community making good progress in comparison to many other towns. The Town is regularly identified amongst the top towns where people would prefer to live and the ‘high street’ is lauded as one that bucks the national trend, there being a very small percentage of empty units at any particular time. Business property is sought after and any vacancies are filled quickly. This success is the result of years of positive work to market and advance the town by the Chamber of Trade (for example the Chamber publishes and distributes a town leaflet every year) as well as by each individual business. Chamber membership is one way that existing businesses can show that they recognise that they are benefiting from years of previous efforts and that their small subscription contribution when put alongside all the other members contributions allows the organisation to do significant work on behalf of the whole membership.

Apart from the above the tangible benefits of membership of the Kirkby Lonsdale Chamber of Trade and Commerce are as follows:

Networking and networking events staged periodically to create business to business opportunities.

  1. Enhanced listing on the Kirkby Lonsdale web site The Kirkby Lonsdale site receives in excess of 5,000 unique visits every month.
  2. Listing in Around Kirkby Lonsdale (AKL). This monthly publication includes regularly featured details of the Chamber, it’s workings and a directory listing of all current members.
  3. Concessionary advertising rates (half normal rates) for advertising on the Kirkby Lonsdale website.
  4. Concessionary rates for advertising in other Chamber publications.
  5. Additional discounts off already excellent rates for energy through a partnership with THREEUTILITIES. Contact Dave Barlow on 07938 136836.
  6. Discounted rates for hanging baskets and floral displays for Kirkby Lonsdale in Bloom at Lunesdale Home & Garden.
  7. Organisation of the Kirkby Lonsdale town Snowball Security System (see separate page)
  8. Specific weekend and other events organised or sponsored by the Chamber for the general good of the whole town (for example Christmas Fair) and concessionary rates for stall applications at these events.
  9. An opportunity to be involved in the Kirkby Lonsdale town-wide MyKL loyalty card scheme. This scheme is available to members only. See separate sheet for details.
  10. Free MyKL loyalty card.
  11. General advertising from time to time in local press and on local radio (where the cost of advertising campaigns dictate, additional funding from members may be sought on an individual buy-in basis)
  12. Networking and networking events staged periodically to create business to business opportunities.