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The Vault: A Story Bank

0 miles from Kirkby Lonsdale

5 Mins on foot

  •  Filming a story for use in The Vault (Photo credit Tom Wheatley)

Welcome to The Vault

Unlock the stories of Kirkby Lonsdale.

At the back of Kirkby Lonsdale's Tourist Information and Gift Shop (previously a bank), behind the iron door is the original vault room where as once it would have kept safe valuable papers and possessions it now keeps the town's precious memories and stories past and present.

Seven stories have been filmed that tell true stories of tragedy, love, triumph and local history.

Once you have watched and heard the stories you can then explore the town and see the monuments to the maids that perished in the fire, look at the view painted by Turner and  so admired by Ruskin, experience what it must have been like to arrive in Kirkby Lonsdale as a child evacuee from the city. 

Also learn about our unsung heroes; Margaret Llewellyn Davies who through her work as secretary to the Women’s Co-operative Guild transformed the lives of so many people during the early twentieth century. It is said that a wheelbarrow was required to convey the mail daily between the post Office and the Rectory where she lived.

Please come and visit it us, take a safety deposit box from the vault and unlock its secrets. We are open 7 days a week 10am until 4.30pm.

Free enter but donations are very welcome.

Visitor comments

Really interactive, it was very good

Awesome! Superb great idea we loved it.

I’m going to come back and watch more.